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Do you know Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable?
Interesting isn't it?
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CLICK interaction
(click) attack face animation (click) bounce MOVE FACE ANIMATION (click) open contact popup (click) close contact popup (click) show "new" lottie animation (click) unlock pressed animation (click) move main device (CLICK) 404 ANIMATION AT 100% (click) EASTER ANIMATION (click) intro open
hover interaction
(hover) SHOW/HIDE DIALOG (hover) speaking mouth (hover) show/hide lottie mouth (hover) happy moving face (hover) show/hide heart eyes
CLASSES added/removed by SCRIPT
(CLASS for script) show text dialog (CLASS for script) PLAY CLICK SOUND (CLASS for script) PLAY punch SOUND (CLASS for script) toggl on (class for script) play toggl sound (class for script) play popup sound (class for script) text white (class for script) show color wave (class for script) show broken glass (class for script) disable scroll section (class for script) show success form message